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The Summer Solstice

Last night on the 21st of June, 2023, on the summer solstice, as the sun entered Cancer at 0º, we celebrated the day of the longest sunlight and the tricky fairies of the forest around us. We brought the fairies sweet and indulgent gifts to a place they're known to party. We hope that these little but thoughtful gifts appease them and that they don't feel too inclined to play tricks on us as we proceed with our own summer celebrations.

The evening was met only with magic. We let ourselves shine under the setting sun during a yoga session on the meadow. We flowed in a sequence of sun salutations and warrior poses. We choose a powerful word to integrate into our own suns: our solar plexuses. Words like "self-confidence" (or "self-trust" in German), alchemy and resource.

After the solar yoga session we toasted the spoke in the wheel with a Mimosa Sunset cocktail, grilled nurturing food on the fire and lit sparklers in the warm and cozy evening air. We even saw two fairies dancing on the meadow just after dinner! It was an evening of truly joyful friends, inspiring light and magical warmth. And just as we were finishing our myriad conversations, lightening struck in the distance and a sudden downpour of a summer thunderstorm washed over the terrace. We gathered in the wine cellar to dry off and fantasize about the next celebration at Mulin Sura . . . . The Witches' New Year.


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