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Mulin Sura, Schluein

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Mulin Sura, Schluein
Wild Flowers By The Barn
Mulin Sura, 1910
Mulin Sura, 1930
The Family at Mulin Sura
Barn at Mulin Sura


Mulin Sura, "Upper Mill" in Romansh, is situated in the region of Surselva in the canton of Grabünden, Switzerland. The property houses a mill, built around 1600, a house on top of the mill, a barn, a BBQ hut, and the former bakery (now a garage). It's nestled in a gorge surrounded by woods and cut down the middle by the Schluein creek. This weblog documents and shares our stories as we establish a garden and adopt more animals. It's an opportunity for friends, family, interested Swiss and anyone around the world to learn about this tiny corner of the world and the progress of our ambitious plans. There will be hurdles, obstacles, red tape, and, hopefully, success, as well!

Blog posts are written in English and German to accommodate all of our friends and family as well as locals and foreigners. I apologize for my use of German, as I will be forever learning--and slowly. Swiss German words will pop up in my High German prose, but it's a reminder of our locale and our multilingual community, as this part of Switzerland is officially Romansh and German (Swiss German and High German). 

Thank you for reading!

History of Mulin Sura

1298 • The village of Sluwen was first mentioned.

circa 1500-1803 • The name Schluein was first mentioned in 1321. From the Middle Ages until 1803, it was under the rule of Lowenberg. The church of St. Peter and Paul are represented in the coat of arms. Only a few remnants of the castle still remain on the hill above the village and in the wall leading up to it. It was completely rebuilt after a fire destroyed it in 1886.

circa 1600 • Mulin Sura (Upper Mill), which belonged to the castle Lowenberg, ground barley and millet. The larger mill, which no longer exists, ground grain and stood below the village's main road.

1910 • Photograph to the left

1930 • Photography to the left

WWII • During World War II, the mill was very useful. After the war, the "New Mill Ilanz" and other mills in the area were used instead. Locals and historians do not know what happened exactly to Mulin Sura's big water wheel.

1971 • A complete refurbishment was done on the house, including the heating system.

Sura Studio

Ballett & Yoga

Pascal Sturzenegger

Die Handwerkskunst von Pascal

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