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Quarantine: Bird Flu

In November we got a letter from the Swiss government informing us of the required quarantine of our birds due to the rising cases of bird flu. That weekend we immediately remodeled the barn to accommodate our nine peacocks and the baby chickens that were growing into teenagers. The hay stack would become a temporary home for the peacocks and the storage area (full of roof tiles from the previous owner) would become the second chicken coop. This way everyone would have enough space to live out the next three months indoors.

Since then, quarantine has already been extended to the end of April. Even though there haven't been any found cases in Graubünden, we have kept the birds inside in order to avoid the flu and also any strict declarations of the government; if any of our birds are found with the flu, we would be forced to kill the rest. This is something I can't imagine. Therefore, they will stay in as long as needed.


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