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Der Animalismus Yoga

The animals of yoga positions are the inspiration for these original cards, illustrated and written by Jamie. They are each an ode to the animal they celebrate. On the front one can see the silhouette of the yoga position, the Sanskrit name of the position, and the animal (its namesake). On the backside of the card is a story or fact about the animal and its incredible instinctual, intuitive intelligence. We, too, are animals. But non-human animals haven't forgotten their instinctual, intuitive intelligence. They have not come to completely rely on cerebral or conventional "sense". These cards encourage us to reflect on a nature which is inside of us also. They honor and celebrate animals and remind us of the lessons they have to teach us. These animals have, of course, been here on earth much longer than us. They are, in other words, our ancestors.

Our animals here at Mulin Sura were much of the inspiration for some of the illustrations. You'll find Lars and Lucky, for sure.

To learn more about the workshop and the cards, or to purchase the cards for yourself, visit the website:


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