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Meet Lucky | Das ist Lucky

Die deutsche Version ist unten.

Soon after I moved from Stuttgart to Interlaken, adopting a dog was priority. We were living on the Lake of Brienz in a town of only 200 people. The trail along the lake was beautiful, a paradise for both humans and canines.

Pascal and I looked online and chose about five dogs we were interested in. Some were in Spain, some in Greece, and some in Hungary. It was customary to chose a dog before the Swiss-based shelter imported them. We called one shelter who had listed Lucky and asked them about the procedure. The owner said we were in luck! They were driving Lucky in from Spain this week, and we could come meet him on the weekend. We were really happy to have this opportunity; we really wanted to meet the dog before adopting it, to ensure we had a connection. We went to go me Lucky that weekend, and, well, it only takes one look at him to understand how we felt.

The owner of the shelter definitely grilled us. There are a lot of rules and regulations in Switzerland with regard to owning dogs. You have to complete a practical course, promise not to leave him/her alone for more than three hours a day, and ensure to walk him/her twice a day for at least 40 minutes. I told the owner that I was a freelance EFL teacher and that I work sporadically for periods of one to two hours a day. She wasn't completely satisfied with that schedule, but we were able to eventually convince her that we would treat the dog fairly.

Lucky was not at all the dog I expected to have. I imagined a young-ish dog (of one and a half years) to be quite energetic and trouble-making. We had hid most of our shoes and put anything fragile in cabinets. But when we brought Lucky home, all he wanted to do was sleep and cuddle at home. He only acted energetically when we went for walks, when he looked truly free and happy. To this day, Lucky has never touched a object that wasn't a toy we gave him. He's incredibly well-behaved and low key. It's hard to imagine he was a stray dog, but we just don't know his story before we met him. Suffice to say, he's our perfect angel.

Lucky ist unser kleiner Engel. Wir haben ihn am 21 März 2014 adoptiert. Sobald wir es nach Hause gebracht hatten, war er ein erwogener Mitbewohner. Er wollte nur kuscheln und schlafen mit uns.

Zu dieser Zeit lebten wir in Niederried bei Interlaken am Brienzersee. Es ist ein Paradise für Menschen und Hunde. Wir gingen jeden Tag auf dem Weg zwischen Niederried und Ringgenberg.

Jetzt, wo wir auf einem grösseren Grundstück leben, kann Lucky das Gras schnüffeln und im Wald wandern. Aber er geht nie weit oder geht lange. Er bleibt an unserer Seite. So machen wir noch Spaziergänge durch diese Hügel von Schulein, besuchen die einheimischen Schafe, Ziegen und Lamas.

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