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On September 27th the Feh Kaninchen Fluffle was born! Eight baby bunnies in total. There are really no words to describe how cute they are. The photos speak for themselves.

The family gets along wonderfully. Six bunnies survived and five are boys. Three boys were adopted by our neighbors and the other three will stay with us and their parents, Augustus and Lily.

They are very curious, explorative, trusting and bouncy. Further fencing had to be installed. They try to hop over and crawl through just about everything. At the moment, they can only run around outside with supervision. When they are more grown up and bigger in size, perhaps they will be able to be outside without supervision.

How do we tell them apart? Well, we don't. When they went to the vet to get castrated, we asked them to mark their ears with a number.

The baby bunnies' names are . . . . drum roll please . . . Parsnip, Turnip and Radish! ☺️


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