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Birch Leaves

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The posts under the category "Erwin Thoma" showcase the knowledge and philosophy of the forester Erwin Thoma, a kind of hero of Pascal's. Pascal has read all of Thoma's books and, as a result, has convinced me of his beautiful ideas, as well. Learn more about Thoma and Holz100 here:

Julia Gruber and Erwin Thoma's book and card set Bäume für die Seele, or "Trees for the Soul", consists of 40 cards. Each card includes the spiritual message and physical description of the tree as found in nature. There are corresponding pages in the accompanying book that discuss the history of the tree, best uses in furniture and rooms in the house, and practical recipes from traditional European medicine. Below I have translated and paraphrased the main messages of the cards to share Thoma's knowledge and philosophy with an even broader audience. Few of his books have been translated into other languages, but the content is invaluable and compelling. I have also put it into the context of other myths, culture, and philosophies of the world. I've chosen to write about those trees and bushes that actually grow on the property.

The Birch According to Thoma


According to the card, the birch enjoys its own beauty. It finds itself admirable. It sees the world around it as beautiful as it is. With this all-encompassing love, it can be a muse for you.

In nature, the birch is a pioneering tree that populated bare spots quickly by wind throw or forest fire. Even though a forest of birches grows quickly, it can also rot quickly due to the low content of tannic acid and resins. But the agility and lightness are the mark of the birch.

The message of the birch: Open your imagination!

The Birch in Your House

According to Thoma

The Celts dedicated the birch to the virgin spring goddess Brigid. It embodies the sense of new beginnings, purity, and inspiration. The tree was considered the poet's tree, and its bark was used as a paper for special texts (such as the first verses of the Vedas). In many countries, birch twigs were used to cast out the old year when a child is born, to protect them from negative, old energy.

Birch wood is well suited to interior design and gives a Scandinavian feel.

In folk medicine, birch leaves are used in tea to treat inflammation of the urinary tract, rheumatism and cellulite, as it has a purifying and diuretic effect. You can add two teaspoons of leaves to a quarter liter of boiling water and steep for ten minutes. Apply three times a day. The infusion is also used as a wash or in a bath. Birch water is a traditional hair-based remedy that helps with dandruff, itching and hair loss.

The delicate leaves of the birch are delicious in soups and salads in the spring. The sweet juice of the birch is becoming increasingly popular as a healthy alternative to sugar and is available in crystalline form under the name Xylith through organic retailers.

Thoma's Birch Recipe

  • Mix a handful of nettle leaves with a quarter-liter of birch juice and half a liter of high-percentage rum and cover in a warm place for ten days.

  • Filter and massage daily into the scalp. The water can also be drunk.

Cultural References to the Birch

  • Russians love their forests and especially the birch tree. It's often featured in literature, art, and movies from Russia (Sydney Schultze).

  • In Tolstoy's story, "Three Deaths," the birch tree represents a idea of living one beautiful life and one beautiful transformation through the process of death (Irene Masing-Delic).


Im Folgenden zitiere ich Julia Gruber und Erwin Thoma direkt aus ihrem Buch und Kartenset. Bäume für die Seele (2015). Man kann das Buch hier kaufen:

Birke Betual

"Seelische Botschaft: Ich genieße meine eigene Schönheit. Selbst im Sumpf strahlt mein weißer Stamm wie das Kleid einer Prinzessin und mein za\ies Blatt-werk flattert im Wind. Wo immer ich auftauche, verbreite ich eine Aura der Poesie. Viele haben gelernt, dass es zum guten Ton gehört, sich selbst herunterzumachen und als hässlich zu empfinden. Ich hingegen erlebe mich als bewundernswert. Und die Schönheit, die ich in mir selbst sehe, entdecke ich auch in der Welt um mich. Ich schaue mit den Augen einer Verliebten. Dadurch eröffnet sich mir ein Zauber in allen Dingen, eine versteckte Grazie. Auch für dich kann ich zur Muse werden.

In der Natur: Die Birke ist ein Pionierbaum, der schnell kahle Stellen (durch Windwurf oder Waldbrand entstanden) besiedelt und auch auf ext-remen Standorten auftaucht. Unbekümmert streut sie eine Fülle an Samen in die Wel und sorgt damit für eine rasche Verbreitung ih-rer Baumart. Das Holz wächst schnell, ist leicht und verrottet rasch aufgrund des geringen Gehalts an Gerbsäure und Harzen. Das Vor-auseilende, die Beweglichkeit und Leichtigkeit sind das Markenzei-chen der Birke.

Öffne dich deiner Fantasie!"

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