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Local Goats | Regionale Ziegen

Die deutsche Version ist unten.

It couldn't be more fitting that the man who owns the goats in the next barn is named Peter (as in Heidi and Peter). He's in retirement and he's been raising goats here in Schluein for a few years. This spring, the females had so many kids that he now looks over twenty seven goats! And they couldn't be cuter.

Lucky, Pascal and I have visited Peter's goats often enough that they have all now gotten used to us. Lucky is quiet and calm. He gets jealous when we pet them, but not as jealous as when we feed the sheep on the hill. He definitely acts like an only child sometimes.

Maxli, who is pictured here on the top right, is an older bock that Peter no longer needs. Peter has plenty of goats from Maxli's breed, and he would like to breed more goats from the other bocks. Peter has asked us to take Maxli and one of the female goats, and we are happy to oblige! Over the next couple months we will prepare the lower half of the barn for Maxli's arrival. There is also quite a bit of paperwork we have to compile in order to register the goats with the town hall. There is always bureaucracy in Switzerland in any endeavor you take on, but we are happy to make the effort.

'De Geisse Peter' und seine Ziegen sind sehr süsse Nachbaren. Im Moment hat er 27 Ziegen. Auf dem Bild oben trägt Peter eine drei Tage alte Ziege. Maxli ist der ältere Bock mit langen, dunkelbraunen Haaren. Peter möchte, dass wir eines Tages Maxli übernehmen, und wir freuen uns! Aber zuerst müssen wir den unteren Teil der Scheune vorbereiten und einige Papierkram erledigen. In der Schweiz gibt es immer Bürokratie!

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