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Edelweiss & Snails | Edelweiss & Schnecken

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A Natural Solution

Not too long after I planted six edelweiss along side the stone wall did I notice at least one snail each morning. It seems as though the snails, which are plentiful in this part of the yard, absolutely love the edelweiss. Luckily, I had recently heard of a natural solution. Eggshells! Apparently, snails and slugs don't like crawling over the sharp edges of the eggshells. Yesterday morning I stuck larger pieces of eggshells like a barricade around each edelweiss plant.

The barricade, however, was not enough, or these snails are just very tenacious. At around 10.30 last night, I saw even more snails than usual. I wasn't too happy about that. To try another natural trick, I scattered coffee grounds in a ring around each edelweiss. This morning, I didn't see any snails on the plants themselves. I saw a couple on the stone wall, inching their way toward the plants. I don't know if the coffee grounds stopped them in their place or if they just hadn't reached the plants yet. I'll be checking on them regularly.

UPDATE: Since I scattered coffee grounds in a ring around the edelweiss, I haven't spotted any snails on the plants!

Eine Natürliche Lösung

Vor eine Woche habe ich sechs Edelweiss gepflanzt. Sie leben hier in den Berg sehr gut. Aber, die Schnecken lieben das Edelweiss. Ich habe jeden Morgen einen gefunden. Zum Gluck habe ich eine natürliche Lösung gehört. Eierschalen! Ich habe gehört, Schnecken hassen über die scharfen Kanten kriechen.

Die Eierschalen waren nicht so erfolgreich. Ich habe mehr Schnecken letze nacht gefunden. Ich habe Kaffeesatz um die Pflanzen verstreut. Heute Morgen waren Schnecken auf der steinmauer und auf den Pflanzen nicht. Ich werde es weiter kontrollieren.

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