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Sweet & Sour | Süss-sauer

Die deutsche Version ist unten.

I invited Pascal's family over for Easter this year so that we could enjoy the now traditional Eggs Benedict, which I introduced to them a few years ago. I also wanted to bake a special Easter cake. I don't like eating cake, but I love decorating them. This year I would try to make a chocolate nest for the first time. I had found three beautifully painted quail eggs at a local store that would be held by the nest.

As a thank you, Pascal's parents gave us a lemon and a kumquat tree. They know that I love lemons; I can’t spritz enough on my food to be satisfied! Pascal and I looked quite confused at first. Our first thoughts were, 'How are they going to survive here?' We were ensured that they could be brought inside during the winter months.

We got some nice pots for them so that we would eventually be able to transport them. The front patio gets the morning sun and the patio in the back gets the afternoon sun, so it was hard for us to decide exactly where to place them. They definitely add a Mediterranean feel to the patio. It makes the weather feel warmer than it actually is.

Kumquats, by the way, are naturally both sweet and sour: the skin is sweet and the juice inside is sour!

Die Familie von Pascal besuchte uns zu Ostern. Wir haben "Eggs Benedict" und Kuchen gegessen. Um uns für die Einladung zu danken, gaben uns die Eltern von Pascal einen Zitronenbaum und einen Kumquatbaum.

Pascal und ich dachten zuerst, es sei seltsam. Wir dachten night, dass Zitrusbäume hier wachsen könnten. Aber sie haben uns versichert, dass wir sie während der Wintermonate nach drinnen bringen können.

Sie sind wunderschön aus der Terrasse. Es fühlt sich an wie ein mediterraner Urlaubsort. Ich wurde inspiriert, den Zitronenbaum auf meinem iPad mit Paper by 53 zu malen.

Kumquats sind natürlich süss und sauer: Die Haut ist süss und der Saft ist sauer!

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